Podcast Digitalk with Bimulus x BCA Episode 8: AI, IoT, AR/VR/MR & Metaverse

01 Oct 2023

Digitalk with Bimulus x BCA, Episode 8



Bimulus Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3pxJoQJGYxlLFRCDSu9kaf?si=015190fa204a42da

Bimulus Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY1AXecllrA 

Text by Bimulus: This month's session, we had Ar Yong Sy Lyng as our guest speaker, she is an both architect and also a teacher at NUS: DOA. She has own firm: OWMF Architecture and she’s an expert in Computational Design using software such as Rhino[RH] + Grasshopper [GH] to drive her design works. She utilised these Computational Design software to achieve Design Optimisation. Ar Yong has shared her insights on ARVRMRIoT and Metaverse and how these new technologies are influencing the way how we design and the trending in the Built Environment. She shared that the challenges faced when designing Smart Home for clients, and hopefully the systems will become more integrated in the future. Ar Yong also showcased some of her works currently built in Metaverse Environment, and made comparisons with Virtual Environments built in Twinmotion, where Model fidelity is of a much better quality than a Metaverse boxilated quality. She also shared briefly on Blockchain’s potential use cases in Built Environment as well, and whilst it is not part of the topic, it yielded some interesting discovery for us. Finally, she concluded in order for us stay abreast to the ever-evolving technologies, is to always stay intrigued and continuously conduct tangible research so that we can apply these new technologies to our daily workflow. These are some of the culture she instil in her own practice, where she will dedicate 4 hours on a Friday to investigate these new technologies’ potentials. With this approach, this is how she motivates learning amongst her students and is also a practice we could be inspired from. 

We certainly learned a lot today from Sy Lyng’s sharing, and we hope everyone gained further insights on today's session. Hope you have enjoyed the podcast and our discussion and thank you for your support.

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