Circus 5: Badminton Hall

Completed, Mobili Circus

The existing building was an annex office building of Jurong Town Hall. The existing site was not ideal as the roof structures of were too low for a professional level badminton hall. Nonetheless, it is possible to use the hall for youth training and recreational fun. 

After stripping away the existing ceiling, partitions, finishes and M&E piping, we tidied up the remaining structures and envelope as much as possible and painted them in green. The chosen GREEN colour is recommended by the badminton academy to achieve reasonable contrast to see a fast moving white shuttlecock. 

As much as we can, we use mobile and transformable furniture to form bleacher, storage and display. The mobile elements allow for flexible reconfiguration between training, tournament, events, and for the ease of future relocation. 

Photography by Katariina Traskelin

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