Library@Orchard Pro Series Workshop: Architectural Syntaxes & Form Modelling Workshop

16 September 2023

Architectural Syntaxes & Form Modelling Workshop

In this session of the Pro Series featuring architecture, Sy Lyng will provide participants with an introduction to architectural language and geometry. She will share the various formal tectonic syntaxes that have been utilized in architectural design throughout history. The session will delve into the conceptualization and materialization of forms and spaces, highlighting the diverse range of materials employed in the process. Participants can expect to gain insights into the creative and technical aspects of architectural design, deepening their understanding of the relationship between form, space, and materiality.


Book Recommendation



Martinez, Virgilio, author; Gill, Nicholas, author; Agois, Jimena, photographer; Benavides, Ernesto, photographer

Central, a culinary practice, demonstrates the transferability of principles across different disciplines. The importance of research driving a practice is applicable not only to architecture but also to other fields, such as culinary arts. Research provides a foundation for innovation, informs decision-making processes, and enhances the overall quality of the practice. 


Ten canonical buildings 1950-2000 

Eisenman, Peter, 1932-, author; Lourie, Ariane, editor

Ten Canonincal Buildings taught me the importance of critical thinking and developing a personal stance in architecture, essential in architecture to create new ideas.It looks at history as a projective and creative tool rather than looking at history in a chronological and nostalgic narrative way. 


Occupying and connecting : thoughts on territories and spheres of influence with particular reference to human settlement 

Otto, Frei, author; -Burkhardt, Berthold, editor

The book highlights Frei Otto's experiments in form-finding through material models. His manual processes can now be replicated using parametric software. However, it serves as a reminder that the mind should be the driving force behind technology. While software tools provide efficiency and precision, it is essential to maintain a creative and critical mindset. Otto's approach inspires us to harness technology as a tool, enabling us to explore new possibilities while preserving the role of human intellect and innovation in architectural design.

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