Taiwan War Memorial

Design, Competition, In Situ

In collaboration with 楊宗維建築師事務所-Willy Yang Architects and Chin Wei Lee, OWMF Architecture won first prize in an international competition jointly organised by Department of Hakka Affairs and Department of Public Works, Taoyuan (Taiwan).

The competition brief was to design a Sino-Japanese war memorial in Taoyuan, with a nod to the local Hakkanese spirit which bravely fought in the war.

Our design concept was to address the current urban context, historical war sentiment and hope for the future by creating 3 main axes: 
URBAN Axis- 都市軸線 
WAR Axis- 戰爭軸線
LIFE Axis- 生命軸線
The Circle of Life- 生命之圈
The Pool of Reflection- 反思之池
The Slope of Hope- 希望之坡
The Wall of War- 戰爭之牆
The Gap of Rebirth- 重生之縫
The Column of Heroism- 英雄之柱


The axes are manifested with 6 main elements that subtly guides the contemplative experience of the memorial, which are:

The vast open areas are used as a park for the local resident for various community functions.



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