Completed, Primitives x Cartesian
2013 – 2014

This is a three storey semi-detached landed house. As the buildable foot print is very small, we cannot have both Living and Dining on the first storey, typical in conventional layout. We took the opportunity to stagger the living spaces on different floors instead of stacking them on top of one another, so that the house is connected vertically.

The private enclosed spaces, including bedrooms, study and kitchen are expressed as volumes and spread apart on the side elevation, an expression that is only possible for the semi-detached typology. The in-between free flowing open spaces becomes the space for Dining, Living and staircase.

Featured on D+A Design & Architecture Magazine Issue 87’s “Connect the Blocks”, Aug 2015, Singapore

Photo Credit: Ying Yi

01.jpg - 5House_at_JM_sketch.jpg - 93machang-models.jpg - 1JlnMachang-CF037440.jpg - 110JlnMachang-CF037138.jpg - 81JlnMachang-CF037144.jpg - 82JlnMachang-DSC_5624.jpg - 83JlnMachang-CF037134.jpg - 85JlnMachang-CF037488.jpg - 107JlnMachang-CF037006.jpg - 84JlnMachang-CF037498.jpg - 108JlnMachang-CF037081.jpg - 86JlnMachang-CF037110.jpg - 87JlnMachang-CF037120.jpg - 88JlnMachang-CF037027.jpg - 8933.jpg - 122House_at_JM_01.jpg - 92machang-Diagrams.jpg - 292_copy.jpg - 12493.jpg - 12595_copy.jpg - 12682_copy.jpg - 12796.jpg - 12897.jpg - 12903.jpg - 123DA_87_11.jpg - 169DA_87_22.jpg - 185DA_87_33.jpg - 186DA_87_03a.jpg - 187DA_87_04a.jpg - 188DA_87_05a.jpg - 189