Under Construction, Primitives x Cartesian

Use more DESIGN and imagination, to MAKE with less and local resources and let hope MULTIPLY in knowledge, life, participation, and opportunity.

This initiative has been started by a team of architects and engineers. It had begun as a response to the Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015. Realizing that the local building design and construction practice are inadequate to withstand major earthquake. And, simple enhancement to the Nepali existing traditional house design and construction could have helped reduce the devastation and number of lives lost. The team of four set out to promote the enhanced design, in anticipation of future major earthquake in Nepal.

DESIGN imagine, explore and describe ideas, ideals and approaches

MAKE realize, manifest and construct using locally available material and skills in difficult and inaccessible sites with less cost

MULTIPLY hope, encourage and enhance positive impacts in transferable knowledge, adaptable technology, enhancement of live and livelihood for the people in the site, proliferation of opportunity - including participation from more people of all backgrounds, including the ones assisted by the initiative, to contribute in the same nature

The inaugural project is a school for Tekanpur, a village with steep dry terrain 3 hours southeast of Kathmandu. DXM provided architectural and structural design input for the villager’s implementation. DXM also helped to raise part of the fund through sales of artworks donated by various generous artists.

For more information, please visit Departure Magazine’s “Sustainable Housing in Nepal” article on 6 July 2016 or

Team Members:




Sy Lyng


Aik Kang

Mr Chern



Past Team Members:

Franky Ken

Jose Petralanda

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