Completed, Mobili Circus

Bold at work is a youth academy set amidst the existing communal facilities at a HDB void deck. It runs creative workshops and studios with hands-on exploration for youths to discover and be exposed to the various career disciplines. The is also a small small cafe and shared work space within the compound.

The demands of the program allows the design to explore flexible planning strategies while maintaining a cosy atmosphere throughout. We want to challenge the comfortable idea of fixed functions and clearly defined spaces within education & commercial spaces. As much as we can, we use mobile and transformable furniture (bleachers, tables, seating) so that a single space can be used for multiple functions. 

The workshop, studios, shared work-space, and cafe are framed by large bay windows, overlooking the hdb life and displaying its ongoing activities at the same time. 

In order to kick-off the community engagement, we invited interested youths to collaborate and paint the academy facade and mural artwork.

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